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Strategy Consulting

Spinnaker International's highly experienced consultants, leverage their vast expertise to deliver a comprehensive suite of strategic solutions for our clients.  Our key focus areas are:

  1. Corporate Strategic Planning

  2. Operational Strategic Planning

  3. Finance Strategic Planning

  4. Strategy Facilitation



Strategy Consulting
Corporate Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of devising a plan of offensive and defensive actions intended to maintain and build a competitive advantage.  For strategy to be successfully implemented, it must be linked and aligned to all aspects of operations through a framework that addresses risks, manages financial constraints and adheres to an ever increasingly complex maze of external requirements. 


Regardless of your organization’s size, industry or business model - strategic planning and well-executed implementation play critical roles in establishing and maintaining long-term growth and profitability.


We help you build the right strategy.

The development of a business strategy requires expertise, process, competitive analysis and tools that most organizations do not inherently possess. There is not a more critical area to invest in specialized expertise than the development of a sound business strategy.

Spinnaker International specializes in the development of corporate strategy and work with clients of various sizes to support their business strategic planning efforts. Our expertise in strategic plan development and strategy execution are a result of our focus and dedication within this specialized area of consulting. We will help your organization grow and outperform others in your industry using the powerful combination of the right data from your environment, our industry competitive analysis and a comprehensive strategic planning approach.

Strategy Consulting
Operational Strategic Planning

Operational planning breaks down strategic goals into well-estimated, fully planned and realistically resourced programs, initiatives and projects that can be tracked across all P&L structures and at all levels of the organization. In short, our operational plans yield detailed execution tactics for strategy implementation, complete with clear-cut accountability - planned for execution down to the task level and including time lines and tools for measuring performance on all strategic objectives - any time.


Spinnaker International's approach bridges functional silos within the business through the development of cohesive sub-plans, all branching from the overall corporate strategic plan. Through coordinated planning across functional areas of the business, our methodology drives function-level operational plans to be developed in an integrated fashion to map out efficient and intelligent usage of the corporate resources.

Strategy Consulting
Finance Strategic Planning

Spinnaker International's approach to providing Finance Strategy services is grounded in deep experience with all aspects of the finance function.  Our full-circle capabilities give us the ability to help CFOs see what others cannot – and help them create the most enterprise value possible through their finance organizations. Our Finance Strategy assessment services are designed to help organizations in their efforts to:

  • Assess their current finance function performance and capabilities

  • Define the finance vision and role

  • Define a viable target operating model

  • Identify change initiatives and develop a roadmap and business case

Strategy Consulting
Strategy Facilitation

Professional facilitation from a strategic planning expert will make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your planning process. Well-run meetings, focused agendas and a non-biased third-party running the sessions will ensure better results for your organization. There is not a more critical area to invest in specialized expertise than the development of a sound business strategy.


Spinnaker International has the expertise and professional facilitators to support your organization's planning workshops with the best skills in the industry.

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