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At Spinnaker International, we believe that Technology is a key enabler to the success of achieving the overarching corporate strategy.  However, more often than not corporate or functional Technology teams operate in silos that are not strategically aligned with other functional teams. 


Our frameworks/methodologies align the various facets of Technology to the overall corporate/functional strategy.  Additionally we ensure an operational cadence is established between Technology teams and their key stakeholders.


Our key focus areas are:

  1. Technical Strategy

  2. Organization & Governance

  3. Enterprise Architecture

  4. Information Management

IT Consulting
Technical Strategy

Spinnaker International helps clients formulate a strategic plan outlining how Technology will be used to meet the Company's mission, strategic goals and stakeholder requirements.


Our phased planning methodology is based:

  1. on helping organizations understand the plan’s purpose, scope, contributors, and audience;

  2. identifying and developing the appropriate Technology vision, goals, and strategies; and

  3. developing, executing, and overseeing action plans for implementing their Technology strategies.

IT Consulting
Organization & Governance

Spinnaker International works with Technology teams to develop tailored organization and governance solutions that reflect their unique Technology strategy and objectives as they align to mission and resource considerations. 


Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution to managing Technology, an enterprise organization and governance approach can optimize mission performance, maximize the value and deployment of resources, and shape technology innovation.

IT Consulting
Enterprise Architecture

Spinnaker International assists Technology leadership teams maintain a holistic view of their enterprise, positioning applications, infrastructure, and information to support key business processes.


Our integrated Enterprise Architecture strategies lead to:

  1. improved business processes,

  2. operational stability of investments,

  3. cohesion between departments and operating units,

  4. enhanced communication, and

  5. increased market competitiveness.

IT Consulting
Information Management

Spinnaker International empowers clients to turn information into action by driving technology-enabled business insights.  We work with our clients to ensure that their information management systems align with the key business indicators required to measure the success of the corporate or functional strategy.  We will work with internal and external teams to provide a "single version of the truth," delivering the intelligence that enables smarter decision-making.


Our holistic, strategic approach to information management and analytics enables us to deliver solutions across multiple technologies, platforms, and delivery models (SaaS, on-premise, cloud). We help organizations:

  • Transform data into insight for smarter decisions through the design and deployment of data warehouses, data governance, analytical applications, real-time reporting and analysis, business intelligence and performance management.

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